Custom Orders

Design your own Custom made Writing Instrument!

We're not talking about a pen you can pick up at your local office supply store, but a one of a kind, durable Heirloom that leaves an impression - and can be passed from generation to generation.


Choose your own pen style and metal finish, then select the perfect wood type to compliment that finish.   We'll then carefully craft the pen for you.   When it arrives, the compliments will start flowing as you begin using your beautiful new design!   Have some fun with it - tell them you had it custom made just for you!   Better yet, imagine giving it as a gift - "I had it custom-made just for YOU!"

No need to delay any further, click below and get in contact with us today!.

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Pick Your Pen Style:

Everybody likes the feel of a really well made writing instrument.  Add to that the satisfaction of having had a part in the design and creation of that pen or pencil, and the feeling can't be beat! 

In the above animation, you can see just some of the different pen styles available - you can also browse through Our Gallery for examples of many other styles, wood types in their finished form, plus many project ideas.

Choose from simple Slimline Pen models to Executive Rollerball and Fountain Pens.  Select your style, then on to wood selection and the type of metal finish.

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Pick Your Wood Type:

We use over thirty different exotic woods in our pens and projects.  Exotic woods are sometimes hard to come by, so occasionally, we may not have the exact wood you need in stock.  We'll work with you to help you choose a wood with similar characteristics, or you can choose to wait for us to order your desired wood.


We guarantee the wait will be worth it every time you sign a document with the custom pen you designed yourself!

In selecting your wood type, we've found that darker woods look much nicer with a lighter metal finish - but get creative!  You might surprise yourself!

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A Note on Metal Plating:

Many pens you will see online tout their "beautiful 24 karat gold finish".  While 24k gold plating is beautiful and considered more “pure”, that purity is also more costly.  Usually a thinner plating is used in order to keep pen costs down.  This results in a finish that can begin to show wear within months when used regularly. 


While some items are only available in 24K gold, we choose to produce the majority of our gold plated items with a highly durable 10k Gold alloy plating. We also employ several other durable styles such as chrome, gun metal, titanium, rhodium, nickel, etc., for a longer lasting finish.  See finish examples on Our Gallery page.

We have found that email is the best way to contact us with your Custom Order request.  It provides you with a written record of our conversation about the specifics of what you would like to create.  Contact Us Today and we can go over the different options, cost and details of your project.

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